Monday, April 19, 2010

Vintage Scarves for Mother's Day!!!! Vintage Vera!!

At Razberry Boutique we are getting ready for Mother's Day. We have been traveling around California buying up vintage scarves and over the next week we will be listing over 200 new vintage scarves in our boutique. We just purchased a lot of over 60 Vintage Vera scarves and we are hoping that we will find a few from the late 1940's - 1950's in the bunch.

Feature Designer: We love Vera! Vera Neumann.

Vera Neumann, (1910-1993) is known world wide as “Vera”. She used vivid, bold, brilliant colors, floral patterns and sometimes the ladybug trademark. Her scarves are highly collectable; her designs are still fashionable today - as they never go out of style. Timeless!!!!

Think of Vera as the Martha Stewart of the 1960's. Vera was a pioneer in design who successfully cross-licensed her designs into linens, scarves and sportswear. All of these items sported the distinctive “Vera signature with a ladybug” trademark. From time to time out staff at Razberry Boutique will find a few of these items and list them in our store. If you want to find out more about Vera check out the Vera Company Blog. There is a lot of great information on vintage Vera and the new Vera designs of today:
So if you are looking for that unique gift for your mother - vintage scarves are the way to go. At Razberry Boutique we specialize in one-of-a-kind vintage scarves - over the past few years we can count on our fingers the number of times that we have listed 2 of the same kind.

Vintage scarves are so popular this season we have added a Rewards Program for our customers.

Every buyer gets a MyStoreRewards invitation for cash back

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