Thursday, February 4, 2010

Vintage Vera for Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and that means spring is just right around the corner. There is still time to buy that special gal that unique gift a vintage scarf from Razberry Boutique.

We have an extensive collection of Vera Scarves .  There is no need to wait for a 7 day auction to end we have listed the majority of our Vera scarves at Buy It Now with Make Me An Offer. So stop by and make me an offer! We have over 30 scarves ranging from the 1950's to the 1970's.  Oh, I forgot to mention shipping is FREE!

Who says that scarves are just for winter?  Here is a Vera sheer scarf with Vera's version of an American Indian Print that will enhance your spring wardrobe.  This scarf measures 15 X 44. 

Below is a mod floral print by Vera.  This one I wanted to keep for my self however, I can't keep them all. This scarf is 100% polyester and can be machined washed.

We also have 3 Vera's that are from the 1950's that are in near mint condition.  We found these in an antique store in the Monterey California area.  

Here is a 1950's Vera hand painted wagon & tulips silk scarf - this was hiding in a scarf drawer for years.   The label is still on the scarf it reads "Scarves by Vera - PAT Pending - Pure Silk Hand Rolled. It has a different feel than most silks - could this be made of parachute silk? Signature is white and is hard to see there is no copyright after Vera's signature. 
Below is a vintage Vera from 1958 a black & white silk scarf made USA.   This scarf also has a label Scarves by Vera - Pure Silk Designed & Hand Screened in the USA  and once again there is no copyright after Vera's signature.

The last scarf we have in our store from the 1950's is this green & white polka dot silk scarf.  We think this signature dates back to 1959.  For more information on Vera's signatures and how to date her scarves you can go to the Vera Company Blog to  help you with dating Vera scarves.

Early in March we are going to have a Vera Blast as I call it.  We have been traveling around the West Coast in search of vintage Vera's.  We have over 100 in or inventory that we will list in our store in March.  We have not set the date yet.  We will keep you posted. 

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