Monday, March 1, 2010

Vintage Vera for Spring!! Vera for Spring Break!!

It’s March and spring break is just around the corner, thank god. It is time to take a break from that snow and rain.  Start packing now.

To look your most fabulous this vacation, you will need to pack your suit case. You really need some new clothes. Money is tight this year and you do not want to stay home. You really need this vacation. How can you up date your wardrobe on a budget? Then the airlines, Oh no the airlines are going to charge you a fortune to check your bags. What are you going to do? Scarves. Yes, scarves. That is the answer.

How? Just pack one little black dress rather than two or three, but pack several scarves so you can change your look from dressy to casual with just a quick change. This can be achieved with vintage scarves by Vera. We have been collecting Vera scarves all winter and as of March 1st we have 59 Vera scarves at Razberry Boutique - Buy It Now Items, Make Me an Offer and Auctions and will be adding Vera scarves daily throughout the month of March. 

Vivid floral prints always make a strong stylish statement and are hot again this spring. Just pick up any fashion magazine. That is why Vera is just perfect to accessorize your outfits. Vera is well known for her bright, bold geometric and abstract designs as well as her floral designs, which are perfect for spring.

Here are some of the Vera scarves that we will have at Razberry Boutique - They range from the 1950’s to the 1980’s.

If you want to find out more about Vera scarves you can go to the Vera Company Blog.  They can provide you with information on how to date Vera scarves and some creative ways on how to tie Vera scarves. 


  1. I love that scarf in the first picture! What's that?

  2. The first picture is a stock photo. I don't know the brand.